Who We Are

We are a pace-setting service system with a goal to educate you with the relevant knowledge about everything cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, and also help you create wealth through cryptocurreny trading education. We also act as digital asset management and diversification consultant, helping you get the best in the system. Your experience with us will help you win all the time. Founded in 2017, we have grown to be a leading educational portal for bitcoin,blockchain and crypto education

What We Do

We teach basic education about Bitcoin, blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

We act as digital asset management consultants in an emerging asset class.

We teach newbies and exiting traders how to create wealth through Bitcoin/crypto trading and investment helping you earn daily and weekly as the case may be.

If you want to achieve financial freedom through bitcoin and Crypto currency, we are the hub to meet.

Who’s Behind Cryptohub?

Chris Ani
Founder & CEO

Emmanuel Ititim
Chief Strategy Officer

Omoba Thompson
Chief Analyst and Trading Expert

Atoro Busayo
Social Media Manager

What People are Saying?

My crypto journey began with CryptoHub. From learning more about bitcoin and blockchain to becoming a full-time trader. I enjoy the daily crypto trading analysis(FA & TA); CryptoHub is awesome. Information is power. I recommend this to anyone who wish to learn crypto trading.

Aghara Henry 
Lead Strategist, Vaultstone Concept & CryptoVault 

CryptoHub is not only interested in seeing you earn through  the blockchain revolution but  also impacting  you with knowledge that will help you stand out and soar higher in the crypto space.

Dou Lawrence  S.

Cryptohub is the encyclopedia of the next generation of traders. A job creator.

Oke Babatunde 
Evolution Mining 
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