The key to making progress in any field or area of interest begins from a clear understanding of what the area is made of and how you can partake of it's profitability based on your level of comprehension. In this course, we will give a simple yet effective understanding of what bitcoin and cryptocurrency is, why it came to be and what it means for you profitably. At the end of this course, you should be able to easily get your hands on accurate information sources on all bitcoin and cryptocurrency, operate a bitcoin wallet and note how to secure your funds in it, identify the notable markets available online for transactions and different ways you can use all this to take a position strategically in this emerging asset class.

Bitcoin & Blockchain Beginners Course

What is Bitcoin ?

What is Bitcoin Mining ?

What is Blockchain & How it works

What is an Address ?

Ethereum Explained

The Disruptive Power of Bitcoin


Cryptotrading & Online Investment Masterclass + Trading Signals

Learn how to read charts, analyze the market, spot profitable trades, invest and build 6 figure crypto portofolio.
Cryptotrading Signals Alerts
Spend less time looking at charts & screens and more time profiting with cryptohub's trade signal alert. You will never miss a potential trade.
Signal Report **** COIN TRADED: Bitcoin      MARKET: Bitmex     DATE: Sept.13, 2018      CALLED AT: Long - 6460     SOLD AT: 65800      GAINS/LOSSES: 10%     ******** COIN TRADED: WPR      MARKET: BINANCE     DATE: AUG. 29 ?SEPT. 30, 2018.      CALLED AT: 350 Sats     SOLD AT: 488 Sats      GAINS/LOSSES: 39%     ******** COIN TRADED: KEY      MARKET: KUCOIN     DATE: AUG. 31?SEPT. 3, 2018      CALLED AT: 104- 110 Sats     SOLD AT: 120 Sats      GAINS/LOSSES: 10-15%     ******** COIN TRADED: ETC      MARKET:      DATE:       CALLED AT:      SOLD AT:       GAINS/LOSSES:      ******** COIN TRADED: (Ethereum Classic)      MARKET: BINANCE & BITTREX     DATE: SEPT. 1?SEPT 3,2018      CALLED AT: 182,000 Sats     SOLD AT: 200,000 Sats      GAINS/LOSSES: 10%     ******** COIN TRADED: TELCON      MARKET: KUCOIN     DATE: SEPT. 4, 2018      CALLED AT: BUY& HOLD     SOLD AT:       GAINS/LOSSES:      ******** COIN TRADED:       MARKET:      DATE:       CALLED AT: 8,000?     SOLD AT:       GAINS/LOSSES:      ******** COIN TRADED: AION      MARKET: BINANCE     DATE: SEPT. 4 ?SEPT. 5, 2018      CALLED AT: 8,100 Sats     SOLD AT: 7,800 Sats      GAINS/LOSSES: 4.     ******** COIN TRADED: BITCOIN      MARKET: BITMEX     DATE: SEPT. 3, 2018.      CALLED AT: LONG W     SOLD AT:       GAINS/LOSSES: Over 10%     ******** COIN TRADED:       MARKET:      DATE:       CALLED AT: 7450 Sats     SOLD AT:       GAINS/LOSSES:      ******** COIN TRADED: EVX      MARKET: BINANCE     DATE: SEPT 3 ?SEPT 5TH      CALLED AT: 6600 Sats     SOLD AT: 6170 Sats      GAINS/LOSSES: 9%     ******** COIN TRADED: GTO      MARKET: BITMEX     DATE: SEPT. 3 ?SEPT. 5, 2018.      CALLED AT: 1206 Sats     SOLD AT: 1120 Sats      GAINS/LOSSES: 9.%     ******** COIN TRADED: POWER      MARKET: BINANCE & BITTREX     DATE: SEPT. 3 ?SEPT. 28,2018.      CALLED AT: 2600 Sats     SOLD AT: 2814 Sats      GAINS/LOSSES: 9%     ******** COIN TRADED: BITCOIN      MARKET: BITMEX     DATE: SEPT. 10?SEPT. 11, 2018.      CALLED AT: LONG-6290     SOLD AT: 6410 Sats      GAINS/LOSSES: 15%     ****



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